Tree felling
and removal

Felling a tree is the process of causing a tree to fall down in a professional and safe practice. We determine the best method for tree removal, whether that’s felling or section dismantling.

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No Job too big! Check out this video of our crane work

Tree Felling and removal

We can remove any part of the tree to help it’s growth or prevent damage or disease. We can advise if a tree requires a full extraction due to damage, disease and decay, or if the tree poses any dangers to its surroundings.

Click this link to our Facebook page to see us perform a full fell of a 90ft poplar tree!


Here's a before and after of our tree felling service



Watch us perform the removal of this diseased cherry tree using section dismantling. 

We then used a stump grinder to grind the stump and replanted a new cherry tree in its place.
We are now frequently looking into replanting wherever we can when a tree removal is required.

Please contact us if you think your tree is damaged , diseased or dangerous to see if we can help .

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